Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Keep Your Friends Close ....

Keep your enemies closer?  Have these small birds started to read?  Have they heard of this old adage or have they just learned from experience? 

It looks like those in this image HAVE learned that if they stay close the eagle is unable to catch them.  I wonder how that would work in Africa.  Is it possible that a baby Gnu could stand right behind a lion and feel safe?  Guess I'll have to wait for the video to come out on that one .....  anyone have the number for National Geographic?

Canon EOS 60D 100-400mm L lens  1/400 @ f16

Friday, February 15, 2013

Know Thy Neighbor?

I'm told we aren't able to pick our relations, more's the pity in certain circumstances, but we do have a say when it comes to our neighbors.  The question is ....  did we pick wisely?  I wonder who came first in the photo?  Just what went through the mind of the second renter when the real estate agent brought them to this location?  Did they notice the business next door?  Did they see the humor in the situation?  Does ANYONE notice anything any more?   Where the hell are my glasses?

Canon 60d 24-105 f4L lens  1/60 @f22

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Greeter In Training?

What better way to spend a grey Nanaimo winter day while your wife is shopping than in training?  It's obvious to me this guy would much rather be in a sporting goods store than in the local Wally-World parking lot.  OR is he in training for the greeter position and simply waiting for his audition.  Personally? ...  I think he's a shoe-in for the job ....

Canon 5d mkIII  24-105 1/125th at f5.0 iso-100

Monday, February 4, 2013

Suffering From Agression

Not many birds are more territorial than our local Annas hummingbirds.  The photo below shows one result of that aggression.  This poor little female has obviously ran into something and bent her beak badly on the tip.  I watched her for some time and it was obvious she was unable to retract her tongue all the way also.  Although she was still able to feed at the nectar feeders she would be unable to catch bugs and insects to feed any young she might have.  Sad ....

Canon Eos 5d mkIII - 100-400mm f4.5  iso 500 f 5.6 @ 320th