Friday, January 25, 2013

You Otter See What I saw Today ....

Back to Nanaimo River flats today to see if I could get any better photos of the Short Eared Owl.  Took around 100 photos all of which went directly into the bit bucket but on the way home I came across this critter playing in the center of the river.  I haven't seen a sea otter this close up since I was steelhead fishing back in the early '70s.  Not a lot of fish in the river at this time of year so I wonder what brought him this far up river.  Like me .... curiosity?

Canon 5d mkIII with 100-400mm and 1.4 Tamron (crappy) tele-extender.  Oh well at least the lens will auto-focus with this extender.  I called a camera shop in Victoria to ask about Canons new 1.4 III version and was told that I would lose auto-focus if I used their version???

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