Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lonesome Pines

    In normal years past I have had some difficulty finding Pine mushrooms (Tricholoma magnivalare) with any degree of consistency.  This is obviously not a normal year!  I had been told recently by a women who sells mushrooms for a living that every ten years or so there will be a bumper crop of these mushrooms.  I'm beginning to think she was telling the truth. 
Disclaimer: (It's a noted fact that mushroom gatherers have been known to stretch the truth on occasion)
     So far this year I have managed to collect around 25 pounds of these gems and I have broiled, baked, fried, sautéed, steamed, dried and frozen all those that weren't full of worms.  Oh yes ...  did I mention that insects love these things also?  There is nothing more disheartening than cutting into the stem of a Pine and seeing a bunch of little worm holes. 
     Now I know of people that ignore this fact and cook them anyway claiming the added protein is actually good for you but I'm not one of them ....  Most of the protein that passes my lips (at least intentionally) was very recently clothed in feathers .... not housed in a cocoon!!!


  1. Hey Mike,

    Found your blog after viewing your excellent Youtube videos. I'm easing my way into the mushroom gathering thing and really enjoying it. Decided this year to take it a bit more seriously. Hope you continue to post this fall, I find the photos and videos very helpful -- and they give me some hope!

    Happy hunting,


  2. Hi Mike,

    Same as Richard above, love your videos and so came here. Do hope you will start this up again too. Look forward to perusing this site, and linking it to mine along with your video site.