Sunday, October 10, 2010

Just Pineing Away

Finally!!!  It's taken me a couple of years to find a decent amount of Pine mushrooms (Tricholoma magnivalare) but today made it all worth the wait.  My wife and I had been out looking for a Cauliflower mushroom that I had left to get bigger 2 weeks ago when I came across a small fortune in Pines.  When I got the bunch home and weighed them I was surprised to find I had collected 7 pounds and 10 ounces of them.  Damn!  I may have to buy a couple of more trays for my dehydrator to accommodate this bounty.

You know some days just ARE better than others.  This was a very good day ....


  1. That's a mighty fine find! I've been perusing Gabriola (as I live here) in hopes of finding me treasure of pines but so far no luck. Just a question...did you find these in Nanaimo?

  2. Hi funghi girl. <- cute name :-)

    I found these a few minutes south of Nanaimo but that is the best I can do on a public board like this. For a more detailed location I will have to be presented with a large brown paper bag filled with unmarked bills of a VERY large denomination. Failing that at least a good cup of coffee ....

  3. Thanks!! My wanting to know was more directed at whether I may find some here on the island or not. I haven't come across any yet (although I found two very small as of yet unidentified ones that may just be pine), and wasn't sure if they even grow here. To my surprise found lots of chanterelles! I may just have to sail over and check out Nanaimo's treasures, Happy hunting! :)

  4. I see no reason that would prevent them from growing on Gabriola. The hard part is finding your first ones...
    Spent the morning on top of the Alberni pass this morning and only found one ... that someone had STEPPED on!