Sunday, July 18, 2010

Work Work Work ...

   Spent all day patching the waterfall for my koi pond when I'd much rather be walking a trail in the bush.  I've been bypassing the waterfall using the black pipe to the right of the picture for all of last winter and my wife seemed to think it was time to get it fixed.  The patching material I bought was supposed to set up in 15 minutes so the directions said to only mix small quantities.  An hour later it still wasn't completely set so it took all day to complete what I thought was going to only be an hour job.  Serves me right for starting the job.  The damn koi don't care weather the water came over the rocks or out of a pipe so why should my wife.  Anyway we'll see if the level in the pond has dropped by morning.  If so then I didn't get all the leaks patched. 

Anyone think I'll make it to winter before I have to start patching again?

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