Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Where There's Smoke There's

SALMON ...  at least in this household.  The northern rivers on Vancouver Island are once again full of returning Pink salmon and for the price of a salt water license one can "collect" four of these silver protein bundles.  What better way to guarantee your daily intake of Omega 3 oils?

Step Two in the Five Step Program is to cut them into chunks that will eventually fit into salmon canning jars and then dry brine them with a mix of coarse salt, brown sugar celery salt and onion salt.  Left overnight they draw a lot of moisture out of the salmon creating the liquid brine you see here.

Step Three: Out of the brine for a quick rinse under the tap and then loaded onto racks for a two hour rest in a smoker.  Hickory chips are used in the smoker to add some wonderful flavour to the finished product.

Step Four:  Out of the smoker  ....  into canning jars .... from there to a large Presto pressure canner ....  one and a half hours at 10 pounds pressure.  Boring!!!

Step Five:  Canning jars removed and ready to be used once they are cooled.

Another successful "collecting" trip completed with two dozen "salad toppers" ready for winter.


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