Sunday, July 25, 2010

Stocking Lake Walkabout

  It's been over a couple of weeks since I last visited Stocking Lake south of Ladysmith so I thought the wild flowers that we saw that time would be nearly full grown.  I was wrong.  It's been so dry that they haven't quite matured yet but they still are worth a look.  The Gnome plants (Hemitomes congestum) were almost completely matured as seen in the first photo here.  We found several more of these plants on our walk but this one was the best of the bunch.  For a plant that is supposed to be somewhat rare we were surprised to find so many.

  We also were able to find dozens of nearly mature Pinsaps (Montropa hypopitys) with both a cream or lighter coloured one along with the more common light red ones.  Obviously the wetter spring has produced these in quantities as they seemed to be everywhere we looked.  In other years we found these in singles or two together at most.  This year we were finding clumps of them.

Finally we were treated to a virtual carpet of Indian Pipe (Montropa uniflora).  They covered a space about 10 feet by 10 feet and were in all stages of growth.  This photo was of the most mature ones and shows that they haven't mastered this whole chlorophyll thing ....

They really do live up their other common names of Ghost plant or Corpse plant.

And the REAL treat of the walk ....  the Thimbleberries were ripe!

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