Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Indian Pipe and Catch Of The Day

     It looked like a good day for a walk in the bush.  The forecast was for a very warm day so a walk along the edge of a lake promised at least the hope of cool breezes.  We hadn't walked for long when we came across a small cluster of of emerging Gnome plants.  They look so tasty it's hard to restrain myself.

     We hadn't walked another hundred yards when we came across some very small Indian Pipe (Montropa uniflora)beside the well worn trail.  We could see where some of them had been crushed by the careless footsteps of other hikers.  It really amazes me how people can miss something so obvious to those who aren't legally blind.

And then we found the "Catch of the day" ...

    Imagine our surprise coming across this log that was literally covered with fresh Oyster mushrooms.  It's the 6th of July and there are still Oysters to be had????  I know things happen in nature on a bell curve but this is way later than normal for these.

I sure hope we still have some butter in the freezer .... !

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