Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lotus pinnatus Or Con Job?

   The first I read about this flower was on the blog hosted by The Gabriolan which led me to a posting in the Nanaimo Bulletin.  As everyone should know lining the bottom of a bird cage with the aforementioned "newspaper" seems a tad redundant but I pressed on anyway.  There was one paragraph that caught my eye though:
"Friends of Harewood Plains is hosting a tour of Harewood Plains Saturday (June 12) at 10 a.m. starting at the end of McKeown Way. The 1.5-kilometer walk takes about two hours and solid footwear is required. "
   We met up with half a dozen other people at the mentioned location and off we went to see this spectacular flower. 

We had only walked a couple of hundred yards when our guide took us off the trail to show us the first of several patches of this flower.
Now I'll be the first to admit it's a pretty little flower but!!!  This is what all the hoopla is about?  This little flower was named Nanaimo's floral emblem?  (Insert sound of palm slapping forehead)  Why the damn thing isn't even edible ....

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