Sunday, June 13, 2010

Down the Well Worn Garden Path

     While on the topic of flowers I might as well post a photo of an orchid we bought from a nursery in Kamloops over 30 years ago and has been growing in our yard ever since.  If you look very close in the centre of the photo you can see one lone flower of Cypripedium reginae (Showy Lady Slipper Orchid).  It boasted three flowers several years ago but is obviously in decline due to the encroachment of all the other plants my wife just had to have.  Ten minutes with a weed-eater should solve the problem for the short term ...  do I really want to have to make my own meals for the rest of my life?
   Now a closeup of a faded but very pretty orchid.  And to think Nanaimo's city fathers could have chosen a flower like this to represent us ...  politicians ......!!

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