Monday, May 17, 2010

Sand in The Diet?

   Nothing like a little grit in one's diet to aid the digestion.  It's May in Nanaimo and the low tides are during the daylight hours making clam harvesting much more enjoyable than stumbling around the beach in the dark.  With a limit of 75 clams per person it's not hard to make a very tasty and thick clam  chowder.  My trusty "Wally World" garden rake direct from China that I bought for four dollars  makes a perfect "clam gun" and even the lead laced paint doesn't seem to bother the clams.  Now all that is needed is to get up a good head of steam and find that bottle of seafood sauce in the back of the refrigerator .... 

Just exactly how many calories is in one of these little dioxin catchers?

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