Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oysters Anyone?

   Not the seafood type of Oysters but just as tasty ...  and the price is right.  While not exactly free when you take into consideration the current price of gasoline  but well worth it just the same.  Not only do Oyster mushrooms  look good but they pair exquisitely with most foods.  Also one must keep in mind the benefit of all the exercise you get tracking these critters down which at times can be very difficult! 
After all they don't just grow on trees you know ....


  1. Hello Incognito Mike. My name is Cher.
    I love your photo of the mushrooms. I recently found a cluster of or Oyster mushrooms the size of my hand. I'm not a wild mushroom eater but I
    love taking pictures of all and any mushrooms also slim mold. I look forward to more of your photos.

  2. These are great pictures of the oyster mushroom.
    not long ago I found a cluster of oysters that were the size of my hand. Not much of a wild mushroom eater so i just left them, but I have friends who had wish I had picked them. So far I really like you blog!

  3. One thing I do have Cher is a lot of photos of wild mushrooms. I almost enjoy photographing them as much as I like to eat them .... ALMOST :-)

    Thanks Anon ... Hope you both continue to read my blog.