Saturday, May 29, 2010

James Bond Movie Title Or Just An OCTOPUS?

I would have kept this little guy if I hadn't previously read the following instructions on how to prepare Octopus:

1) Turn the octopus inside out just as you would do with a pair of socks.
2) Clean the octopus under warm running water for approximately one minute.
3) Remove the beak (little hard ball found at the centre), the eyes and the ink sack.
4) Turn the octopus right side out again.
5) Boil the whole octopus in enough water to cover it entirely. Most octopus cook within one hour. A good way to determine if it is ready is by inserting a knife blade where the octopus head meets the legs. If the blade yields with no resistance the octopus is done.
6) Rinse the octopus in cold water and remove the slimy parts.

Imagine if we had to turn cows or chickens inside out in order  to clean them ...  All those that would have become Vegans raise your hands .....

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