Monday, May 24, 2010

In the Eye Of The Beholder?

 They look so damn inviting and photogenic they just have to be edible .... right?   Well if you read the literature on Amanitas it should be apparent that all that looks good isn't always good for you.  On the top is Amanita muscaria which has an edibility description of:  *** poisonous containing both sweat-inducing and mild hallucinogenic poisons which can cause delirium and coma ***.  Next is Amanita pantherina which has an edibility description of:  *** very poisonous, sometimes deadly ***.  The first words of caution that I was given when I started to collect wild mushrooms was "learn the poisonous ones FIRST!"  The rest may only make you slightly ill if you have an allergy to them.  Best advice I have had in some time ....

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