Thursday, May 13, 2010

Saskatoons or Serviceberries

   As a child spending summers on my grandparents farm in Southern Alberta I had spent many a day picking pails full of Saskatoons.  Recently I spotted a bush for sale in a nursery south of Duncan and had to have one.  Last year I harvested about 20 berries off that bush and decided to get another couple of bushes this year.  Shortly after the bush came into flower this year I happened to be walking along a logging road looking for Morel mushrooms and came across this bush.  Damn!!!  That's a Saskatoon bush in the wild.  I had no idea all the years I have lived here on Vancouver Island I could have been picking wild Saskatoons ....  The really good news is they have way more antioxidants than a good shot of Crown Royal ....

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